What is it with some country singers lately? Must they prove their Red State credentials by killing animals? First there was Troy Gentry’s illegal, immoral canned bear hunt. Now country singer Miranda Lambert has made a name for herself outside her usual music circles as someone who just can’t resist some good, old-fashioned bloodsport.

Lambert appeared on a recent episode of the Sportsman Channel’s program Country Boys Outdoors. The Sportsman Channel motto is “All Hunting, All Fishing, All The Time,” and its mere existence serves to remind me why I don’t watch television. Her purpose, according to SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), was to kill an alligator for a new purse. Vanity and poor taste in fashion is always a good reason to kill something, I suppose.

This is just one more chapter in Miranda Lambert’s bloody past as the diva of choice for the hunting crowd. The December 2008 issue of Field and Stream declared her one of the heroes of the year for her love of hunting. (For what it’s worth, the magazine also called Sarah Palin a hero, and cited Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul McCartney, and Pamela Anderson as villains.) Lambert is also quite chummy with fading rock star/poacher Ted Nugent. The Nuge says he was with her the first time she killed a deer in her native Texas. Nugent called it a “spiritual moment.” I’m not sure the deer would agree.

Miranda Lambert’s bloody TV exploits don’t sit well with everyone. SHARK is encouraging people to contact Lambert’s publicists and tell them what you think about all her killing. There is also a Facebook group called “Protest Miranda Lambert!” that already has close to 100 members who are organizing demonstrations at her concerts and getting the word out about the video of the alligator killing.

Ironically — or perhaps more accurately, hypocritically — Miranda Lambert considers herself an animal lover, and by that she doesn’t just mean killing, eating, and wearing them. Her charity, MuttNation Foundation, actually does some very good things.

According to the foundation’s website, it seeks to “build animal shelters for better care; increase pet adoption and encourage responsible pet guardianship; rehabilitate sick or unsocialized animals; fund spay/neuter programs; reduce/eliminate euthanasia of healthy animals; and train shelter dogs for purposes of therapy programs, assistance for wounded military personnel and dogs-in-prisons programs.” All commendable goals worth supporting. It’s just a shame Lambert’s compassion for animals that society has deemed pets doesn’t extend to the animals she chooses to hunt.

Not all Americans consider the killing of animals to be sporting or entertaining, and they are letting their voices be heard. Join SHARK in telling Miranda Lambert that she’s not an animal activist when she’s out killing for a thrill.

Photo Credit: Public Domain