My name is Brandon Bosworth. I’m a writer and editor with over 15 years of experience. I have worked for both local and national publications, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Over the years I have written about a wide variety of subjects, including music, film, politics, and current events. My work includes book  reviews, essays, profiles of newsworthy individuals and businesses, and coverage of  local events. I have edited materials ranging from press releases and articles to speech transcripts and book excerpts.

In addition to working as a writer and editor, I am also a Certified Natural Trainer II, trained by Jon Hinds at Monkey Bar Gym, and an instructor in both Burton Richardson’s JKDU/MMA for Street Self Defense as well as Battlefield Kali.

I am always up for new freelance projects, so if you have something that could use my expertise, feel free to contact me.